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If we look after the natural world, the natural world will look after us
- David Attenborough

Key Pillars Of Our Corporate Culture

At the helm of Sayris Capital is our organization's symbol, the Greek Goddess, Sayris. She is the Goddess of Grain and Harvest and is represented through our focus on agriculture, food and medicine. She upholds with virtues of sustenance and creation of life which is aligned with our mission to heal the planet and all life that depends on it by backing innovators with climate-conscious solutions. She symbolizes transformation and the rituals of birth, death and renewal just like our endeavour to transform our food and medicine systems. Her virtues guide us in our vision and mission to reimagine our current capital markets through climate action solutions and impact investments.

Creating Sustainability in Food and Medicine 

At Sayris, we adopt a new way of thinking in which growth is measured not just through economic and financial indicators, but using social, environmental, and governance benchmarks as well. This outlook stems from our mission to heal the planet, give back to nature and nourish all life on Earth through sustainable investments, business practices and innovations. 


Striving for a Shared Goal with the World

Our aspirations grew as we came to know that some of the brightest individuals around the world shared the same vision as we did, as seen in the creation of the SDG. These common values are what drives our decisions. Our part in this cultural revolution is to back exemplary projects and take part in investee organizations that share these values to bring forth a union that is capable of making macroeconomic change.

Food As Medicine for Better Healthcare and a Healthier Population 

Indeed, many people are living healthier lives today. However, there are plenty who are still suffering needlessly from preventable diseases, and too many are dying prematurely. At Sayris, we are turning to food, through botanical wellness, to function as medicine. Sayris is also the Goddess of Fertility and is the embodiment of health and wellness. The possibilities are bountiful and by tapping into the nutritional properties of foods, we are able to realize its potential to boost our health and therefore, act as preventative medicine.

Happy Family

Innovative Solutions to Industrial Problems


Investment in infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers of economic growth and development. With over half the world population now living in cities, mass transport, birth of new industries and information and communication technologies are amongst the many aspects important in sustaining the civilization. As such, sustainability needs to be a focal point in investment decisions when concerning infrastructure and innovations. Once again, we align with the Goddess, Sayris, who signifies innovation through her discovery of spelt. In addition, as the Goddess of Harvest and Seasons where one reaps a plentiful harvest by carefully planting seeds, she manifests abundance in profits through investment.

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