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Thought Leaders with environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights

Global Impact Investment Forum

Sustainable Investment Opportunities in the New Normal

The unique advantage for family offices in alternative investments, Alternative Protein investment: Plant-based or Cell-based or beyond?, Plant based medicine Investments: Botanical Wellness 

Speakers: Matthew Nordgren, Carol Pepper, Yip Hon Mun
Moderator : Daniel Rajesh



Meeting Future Food Demands

How to innovate the future of alternative foods and agriculture production? Alternative Foods (lab-grown meat, milk, eggs etc) and his take of these going forward on 13 Nov 2020. Roger Underwood of Becker-Underwood fame and his course mate at ISU, introduced CS. Roger’s company was sold to BASF about 10 years ago for USD1.02 billion.

Speakers: CS Liew, Roger Underwood
Moderator : Iowa State University

Global Impact Investment Forum

Nature- Based Climate Change solution

The unique advantage for family offices in alternative investments, Conservation, sustainable management, and the regeneration of tropical rainforests in Asia, Africa and South America, Carbon offset strategies, Nature based investment

Speakers: Chris Armitage, Jesse Kuijper, Ian Jones
Moderator : Daniel Rajesh

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