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We strongly believe in Positive Climate Action Solutions. It is the only way forward.
- Daniel Rajesh, CEO Sayris Capital

Our investment firm leads with climate action as priority

Sayris Capital is Asia’s leading private investment firm focused on teaming up with carbon negative companies that turn to hard science and innovation to tackle Earth's current climate nightmare. We work with real businesses in the food, agriculture and medtech space that enjoy spectacular capital market growth while being sustainable.

With the planet warming faster than predicted, biodiversity dwindling as thousands of animal species face extinction, oceans acidifying, ice caps melting, forest set ablaze, sea levels rising, it has never been clearer that we are on a path to endangering humanity. This is the reality that we face today and it is imperative that we start taking drastic action towards restoration. 

This makes the work we do at Sayris Capital imperative.


We seek out investors and companies with ground-breaking climate solutions in the areas of plant-based food, medicine, conservation, reforestation and wellness to build a responsible circular economy. We converge the power of purpose-led investors, innovators and corporate game-changers to re-imagine business environments and redefine the future today. We are at the helm of the climate action revolution that is sparking massive change through real solutions to save our planet.

At the heart of the company is Sayris, the Greek goddess of harvest, grain and fertility. She symbolizes sustainence, transformation and rebirth. These are in line with the team's mission to put the brakes on Earth's climate crisis and heal the planet, through agriculture, food and medicine. She is our guiding light as we work towards collective action, bold investment and sustainable business practices centred around the inclusive idea of ThriveAbility of the planet and its people.

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