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Sustainable investing

We believe sustainability is the new standard for investing.

We are committed to making sustainability integral to the way we manage risk, generate alpha and build portfolios - to help investors achieve better long-term, risk-adjusted returns. 

Sustainable Investing is the combination of traditional investment approaches with environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights

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Sustainable investing refers to investments made in companies with prospective growth and that are aligned with environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights. Each investment decision has consequences not just on the portfolios and returns, but on our people, society and planet as well.

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In view of this, Sayris Capital adopts a sustainable investment approach that accounts for potential long-term financial, social and environmental implications. We pioneer new ways of doing business and invest in progress and in companies that are working to solving the world's biggest challenges at the moment.


By ensuring that our portfolio companies uphold positive ESG characteristics, we align capital with positive social or environmental outcomes. Our selection process is thorough and rigorous and our portfolio companies are evaluated based on GP metrics.

Sayris Capital monitors these GP metrics on our portfolio companies.

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