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 Foodtech Impact Fund


Sayris FoodTech Impact Fund aims to reimagine the global food ecosystem by shifting consumption away from traditional animal-based proteins and towards alternative proteins. We build companies and networks that heal the planet and humanity.

Global Challenge

With a population of 10 billion on the horizon in 2050, food 4.0 technologies are becoming exceedingly important to ensure a sufficient supply of nutritious food. In addition, diversification of foods with shorter supply chains and domestic production are currently priority for governments across the globe, brought to light by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.


Moreover, the impending climate crisis demands a shift away from traditional agriculture, which increases carbon footprints and threatens our global ecosystem. In view of this, there is imperative need for constant and substantial improvements to food systems to sustain our population and fulfil climate change targets.



There has been a discerning shift towards climate-friendly, plant-based diets that are protein-rich. The emergence of key enabling technologies has accelerated this movement by making alternative proteins are more accessible and cost-effective. This has proven to reduce carbon footprints significantly.

At Sayris, we are working with tech-driven companies focused on innovative alternative protein technology to meet ESG standards while fueling our food systems.

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Our Sayris FoodTech & MedTech Impact Fund supports a new wave of tech-driven sustainable food companies that can meet global consumer demand effectively while being climate-conscious and generating impressive returns.

The Sayris Capital Impact Fund targets stabilized core investment opportunities. Its fund advisors have more than 30 years of experience in the emerging industry and access to top-tier dealflows within the category.


Through impact investments in this fund, we enable the evolution of food into one that is sustainable and healthier for us and our planet.

Latest Executive Summary

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