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We imagine a world where food is medicine.
- Haryanto Soemito,
Co-Founder Sayris Capital

We back ground-breaking innovations that heal our planet.

For thousands of years, Earth's atmosphere, oceans and ecosystems have been held in a delicate balance, allowing human civilization to flourish. As the oceans acidify, climate becomes eratic, aerosols pollute the atmosphere, biosphere integrity is compromised, it is clear that we are endangering humanity and if we do not act now, we risk losing our planet and our future.


As we stand on the edge of distabilizing our planet, we see a way out of the current climate crisis we are in. Through mindful investments in opportunities that will rebuild our planet in a new direction, we would be able to guide Earth towards a more resilient future and reclaim our humanity. At Sayris Capital, we are ushering in a new paradigm that integrates civilization's continued development and the restoration of Earth. Our mission is to support visionary start-ups and entrepreneurs with climate action solutions and proven business models using our investment capabilities and strategic and operational support to take them further in their journey and realize their vision.

Revolutionizing AgriTech Through Alternative Proteins

The AgriTech industry is observing an increasing implementation of digital technologies in agricultural production with the promise of more efficient farming, higher yields and environmental sustainability. In particular, there has been a paradigm shift in consumption habits away from traditionally consumed meats and towards environment-friendly alternative proteins, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Given the promise of alternative protein innovations, Sayris Capital is building a plant-based ecosystem by investing across the equity capital structure in food and technology companies with a vision for a better planet. 

Herbal Medicine

Reimagining MedTech through Botanical Wellness

In MedTech, companies are making bolder moves and there has been a discerning focus on botanical wellness to improve the quality of care and health-related outcomes. Sayris Capital envisions food evolving into medicine for our bodies and for the planet through botanical wellness. 

From soil to shelf, Sayris Capital is democratising technology and driving accessibility and availablity of climate-conscious food and botanical wellness.

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