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Talent wins games, Teamwork and Intelligence wins championships. 
- Michael Jordan 

Sayris has over 50 years of industry and financial experience.

As people, businesses and governments grappled with the unpredictability of Nature's backlash, Daniel Rajesh and Haryanto Soemito set about designing a future where entrepreneurs and investors can collaborate and build an ecosystem of sustainable profitability. This led to the creation of Sayris Capital's blueprint.


Three years on, riding on the strength of their combined experience in building enterprises, investments, corporate strategy, good governance practices and a commitment to climate action, the duo has built an impressive network of brands focused on disruptive plant-based technology in the space of agriculture, healthcare and renewable energy. A network aligned in climate impact goals as well as a keen focus on robust financial returns.

Daniel Rajesh is an accomplished venture investor, serial entrepreneur and sustainability thought leader in the impact investments and ESG space. At Sayris Capital, Daniel is working with the world's most ambitious companies with incredibly innovative climate solutions that avert global warming and heal the planet, all while making money. Through Sayris Capital and alongside his co-founder Haryanto, he works to empower sustainable businesses in partnership with UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2020 towards 2030. He is an active proponent of imperative climate action and gives a voice to the cause at multiple sustainability investment and life sciences events across the globe. He holds numerous board of advisory positions for nature conservancy and in emerging AgriTech & MedTech Asia-Pacific and US start-ups.

His foray into climate action began with the unfortunate loss of his brother and subsequent health complications that eventually led him down a journey of self-discovery. His travels gave him a keen understanding of how broken our food and medical systems were and how our consumption habits were driving Earth head-first into a climate crisis that we would not be able to return from. This kickstarted his work in healing the planet.


Daniel Rajesh
- CEO & Founder

Prior to Sayris Capital, as Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Solaritech, he led the Global Warming Reversal campaign, built solar farms across South-East Asia and introduced ground-breaking concentrated solar energy to the region.


Experienced in secondaries market for US Based Tech Pre-IPO companies, Daniel has powerfully melded his experience in fund management and brand building with his passion for climate action to prove that making money works in tandem with healing the planet. The fundamental understanding of the capital markets across multiple industries and geographies, start-ups, and environmental consciousness has propelled Daniel to nurture Sayris Capital and lead a team with a combined experience of over 50 years in this space.


Haryanto Soemito

- Co-Founder & Managing Director

Haryanto Soemito is an experienced angel investor and is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sayris Capital. Backed with years of wealth creation, venture building and investment expertise, he enables the firm's vision of new economic thinking and accelerating climate action in the food security and healthcare systems towards a responsible circular economy through impact and sustainable investment.


Nature and food have played intrinsic roles in Haryanto's life since childhood. However, it was when he lost both his mother and best friend to cancer that he was made painfully aware of how broken our food and medical systems were. He found his renewed life mandate which was to establish and invigorate strong initiaitives using innovation and technology to improve the food and medical ecosystem for now and future generations.

Prior to Sayris Captial, he was a venture partner of a boutique Greentech venture capital in Indonesia focusing on smart city solutions. In addition, he completed over USD 25milion in plant-based FoodTech deals and expanded the SGX Listed Singapore Medical Group (SMG) business portfolio, both in Singapore and globally.

To add to his repetoire, he is a proactive venture builder in the food tech, ocean conservation and climate solution space and shares his knowledge while on multiple advisory boards in agri-tech and food tech companies.


Darren Ho

- Agriculture Consultant

Darren has worked in and managed farms in Australia and South East Asia and continues to do so all around the world, understanding different practices, climates and cultures. These experiences have shaped his farming philosophy and allows him to cross-pollinate ideas between farmers and businesses.


As the current Director of Kodja, he is on a mission to the agriculture sector into a more decentralised model, especially in developing cities. He believes that urban agriculture and food & farm clusters are the solutions to the growing demands of mega cities and more efforts have to be channelled in that direction to make it liveable. In addition, his goal is to increase the livelihoods of small holder farmers in South East Asia by adopting the best practices around to help increase the quality and quantity of the food grown in the region.

Darren is equally passionate about driving the industry forward and as the Project Lead for the Singapore Young Farmers, he organises symposiums to attract younger generations into the agriculture industry. His vision is for Singapore to become more food resilient and recognised as the regional knowledge hub for agriculture.

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