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MedTech At Sayris

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We envision plant-based botanical wellness revolutionizing medicine.

Global Challenge

While we succeed in the fight against communicable diseases and benefit from better sanitization, improved living conditions, and wider access to health care, non-communicable diseases are responsible for high death rates in both developed and developing nations. We have realized that we are susceptible to new diseases turning into full-blown pandemics and economic disasters. Furthermore, we see a rise in healthcare spending.

Rooftop Garden
Rooftop Garden


The need for technological innovations in the medical systems of today is paramount. In addition, investments in botanical wellness as alternative healthcare are rising. We, at Sayris, believe that food and medicine are key to a holistic approach to wellness. Hence, we are investing in botanical wellness in efforts to create a blueprint to reduce the MedTech industry's carbon footprint.

Our Impact and Market

Healthcare’s climate footprint is about 4.4% of global new emissions. To put that into perspective, it would be the 5th largest polluter in the world if healthcare had been a country. Through technological innovations and acceptance of botanical wellness as an alternative form of medicine, the MedTech industry joins the race to acheiving carbon zero in healthcare systems globally. 

Rooftop Garden
Rooftop Garden

Our Investment

Sayris Capital has invested successfully in 3rd largest botanical wellness fund in the US with returns up by 55%. We are an early investor in this segment and with a great track record, we anticipate capital market growth and returns in this space. Backing our vision are many Asian governments whom we have consulted and are in conversation with regarding increasing adoption of botanical wellness in Asia and the associated regulations to enable it.

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