Investment Structure 

Investment Philosophy

Business Evaluation

  • Growth & Value Creation 

  • Organisational Restructuring 

  • Market Research 

Brand Optimisation 

  • Product/Brand Superiority

  • Distribution Superiority

  • Consumer & Customer Value 

  • Marketing Plan Optimisation 

  • Localisation

Sustainability Innovation

  • R&D Innovation Superiority

  • Product Sustainability 

  • Packaging Sustainability 

  • Organisational Diversity​

Social & Political Influences

  • Political Lobbying 

  • Community Impact 

  • Regional Experts Support

Why Active Investing? 

Traditional investment companies are primarily profitable experience. We at Sayris Capital want to go even further. We want to help make a difference not only to societies but also to these companies. By holding substantial positions in these companies we are able to help and make proactive decisions that will help parties achieve their goals together.


A movement is always achieved with the collective effort of everyone involved. It is imperative that we help companies and individuals that share the same vision as us 

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Our Investment Role


Strategic Active Advisory

Strategy Review

Risk Management

Banking & Finance Strategy

Joint Venture & Partnership Options 

Project Guidance 

Marketing & Distribution 


Strategic Business Planning 

Investment & Corporate Articulation

Local Regulatory Research 


Security Planning 

Supply Chain Management 

Quality Control 


Strategic Operational Support 

SOP Optimisation VS Industry Standards

Compliance Audits

Investment Presentation Creation & Outreach 

Financial Modelling 

Import/Export Regulatory Guidance 

Multinational Operations & Partnerships 

Mergers & Acquisitions 

Executive Search