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Impact Fund 1
Impact Fund 1


The Sayris CapitalImpact Fund is being established to offer opportunities to invest in Alternative Protein and MedTech opportunities around impact investing. The Fund targets stabilized core investment opportunities The fund advisors have more than 30 years’ experience in the emerging industry and access to top-tier dealflows within the category





Fund Administrator: IQEQ

Fund Auditor: EY

Valuation Agent/ Fund Counsel



•    INVEST in Plant-Based MedTech and FoodTech ecosystem, focusing on carbon negative companies addressing the global changing demand on food and medicine.

•    TARGET medium-term unlevered returns of 3x- 10x through investment opportunities with industrial partners working actively with investors (family offices, LPs, HNW)

•    UNCOVER strategic 15-20 key equity-linked investments in a range of $500k-10M over the initial 3 years deployment period.

•    EMPOWER capital for select value aligned buy-ins or buy-outs, along with early stage, growth, and expansion opportunities.

•    FOCUS on mature markets for late-stage investments such as North America, Europe, and emerging markets with early-stage investments in key Asian countries where opportunities are aligned with our objectives.

•    ACTUALIZE exits though management buy-backs, industry trade sales, and/or public markets.


Immediate In-Place Cash Return

The Fund follows “Income Now” approach that targets immediate and strong current cash yields paired with long-term value protection of the underlying investments.

Capital Preservation by Investing in Stabilized, Fully Leased Core Properties

The Fund targets properties with long-term leases in place to high-credit tenants and Class A buildings in highly desirable locations.

The Sun Belt's Strong Fundamentals

Second-tier cities within the Sun Belt offer investors attractive pricing and higher yields supported by sound economic fundamentals that still offer confidence and successful exit strategies.

Blended Strategy to Maximized Potential Returns

The Fund also targets core real assets with strong underlying fundamentals that present an opportunistic investment stemming from the current macroeconomic turmoil.

Broad Network – Robust Pipeline

Within each of the target markets, the Fund’s investment team boasts strong networks that provide access to unique investment opportunities and off-market deal sourcing.

Deep Market Expertise

Delta Rhino Capital leverages its partners’ sovereign wealth management backgrounds, extensive real estate investment experience and robust network of leading investors, developers, property owners and other real estate professionals throughout the United States and Middle East.

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