Crisis Response

A Protected War 

We want to ensure that those risking their lives are sufficiently protected in their brave efforts in this time of the pandemic. Sayris has been trusted partners amongst family offices, governments, militaries and public listed businesses to supply high quality/ reliable personal protection equipment (PPE). 


Affordable Supply Sourcing 

In times of crisis, cooperation proves to be the winning strategy. 

By collaborating with suppliers we are able to provide affordable solutions to ensure adequate supplies of essential medical items are provided to everyone 

Sayris has great network amongst manufacturer's in South East Asia, Korea, China.

Giving Back to Those In Need

It is undeniable that there will be people who cannot afford any sort of spending due to unfortunate circumstances. 

Our Mission dictates that healthcare must be fair. 

We will donate the required supplies and any needed financial aid to remote areas that are in dire needs. 

No one should be left unprotected no matter the circumstances. 

Healthcare Must Never Discriminate

With the Crisis happening around us as we speak, it is of utmost importance that everyone has the opportunity to protect themselves and their family. 

We have never paid exorbitant prices for essential needs and commodities. We deem these medical supplies an essential component of societal healthcare.

As such, we have been able to collaborate with like-minded institutions to bring an even more affordable alternative to prevalent medical solutions. 

Why Sayris?

1. Reliability and Professionalism 

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction will be out utmose priority.

  • Our teal will contact you and ensure all orders are fulfilled and to your satisfaction

2. Secure Transactions

  • All orders are taken utilising proper security channels to ensure your peace of mind

  • We will assume the majority of the risk to ensure that you are safe during your interactions with us. 

3. Trusted Industry Leaders

  • Our partners are all leaders in their respective fields that all share our vision. 

  • Together we ensure that the quality received will be an accurate reflection on our values. 

4. World-Class Logistics

  • Our logistics provider ensure that your deliveries are within a reasonable time window to ensure you are able to take action quickly​​​​

Our Array of Medical Supplies ensure that there is a relevant solution for every need faced by our customers. 

Getting in Touch for Help


A Collective Effort

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of assistance as we strive to help those in need. 

Our team will reach out and hear your issues to ensure we are able to help to the best of our ability

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