About Us

Sayris Capital is Asia’s leading private investment firm focusing on driving a sustainable global Food & Medicine ecosystem. Adapting to New Economic thinking and accelerating Climate action; we commit to innovating Healthcare and Food security systems towards a responsible circular economy.
Initiated by a group of sustainability enthusiasts, we drive a thematic investment and operational approach creating positive environmental and community impact. Our strategic insights and contextual intelligence in collaboration with capital markets partners empower participation in the future of food, health & healthcare, fourth industrial revolution actively.

  • Future of global health governance and must be better supported through continued innovation in financing, micro-level programming

  • Global health system will have to undergo major transformation, and attract greater amounts of investment in disease prevention and health promotion, to ensure that an expanding global population can live better and longer lives.

  • Agricultural systems must better address climate change, water and land resources that are becoming scarce, and increasingly volatile food prices as they seek to feed a growing global populace.

  • A total of just $14 billion was invested in about 1,000 food systems-focused startups between 2010 and 2018, significantly less than $145 billion invested in approximately 18,000 healthcare-related startups.